Digital Finance Trading
for Corporate executive, and organization customers

Mobile trade, (cross platform trading) means that you can trade virtually

Be calm.
The system is reliable

Global finances are usually placed in regulated banks, 98% of cryptocurrencies, are also usually hidden offline.

Feel safe in the knowledge that our activities fall under the scope of EU legislation. Estonia License No FVT000176, dated 30.09.2020.

Digital design allows for advance desktop & widgets use without limits

Innovative & creative features among global currencies


Institutional Grade volumes

Ocean Deep Liquidity — More than 100 BTC on top 20 levels in BTC/USD orderbook. Sky high withdrawal limits — Up to USD 250,000.00 per transaction.

Limit Orders

A limit order is an order to buy or sell an asset at a specific price or better. A limit order can only be filled if the asset's market price reaches the limit price. While limit orders do not guarantee execution, they help ensure that an investor does not pay more than a pre-determined price.

Whitelist of withdrawal addresses

A list of addresses for all cryptocurrencies can be set that will prohibit withdrawals to non-confirmed wallets.

Volumes grouping

Evaluate the depth of liquidity using grouping feature in the orderbooks on all the available pairs.

Digital watch

A widget that can help you to monitor the current prices, volumes and 24 hour highs & lows for preferred pairs.

Market Depth

Get the overview of total cumulative number of opened buy and sell orders with a special widget in the Trading UI.

Advanced Security
All fiat funds are placed in a regulated bank and up to 98% of cryptocurrencies are stored in cold storage. Rest assured that your funds are safely stored in a regulated or offline environment.
We back up every event and apply full DDoS protection procedures to provide stable access to exchange capabilities.

We use Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) to provide security for communications over a computer network and to make your website session secure. All sensitive data is encrypted to provide privacy and data integrity.

With CloudFlare, we also offer DDoS mitigation and enhanced Internet security.

The safety of traders’ funds is our priority, which is why we have introduced a Whitelist of withdrawal addresses. If this feature is enabled, it is possible to withdraw crypto only to addresses that the user has whitelisted. This reduces the possibility of being a victim of phishing, so you will not be able to withdraw the client’s funds to an unconfirmed wallet. This feature is only enabled when using 2FA.

Rapid & easy deposits & withdrawals

We provide an extensive range of payment methods including SWIFT and SEPA bank transfers.

Automatic KYC verification

Initialize in
3 minutes

Constant market change means that time wasting is out of the question. A few minutes is all you need to register & verify trading initiation.

Trustworthy Fiat

We provide main cryptoresource transactability & trusted fiat to provide safe and solid opportunities.

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